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Portable Airbrush Nail Kit with Compressor 160KPA

Portable Airbrush Nail Kit with Compressor 160KPA

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Elevate your artistry with our Airbrush Nail Kit 160KPA. 

Key Features:

- **0.3mm Fluid Tip:** Achieve meticulous detailing with the 0.3mm needle and nozzle combination, controlling paint and air flow for reduced overspray and efficient work.

- **USB Charging:** Enjoy the convenience of USB charging with the included Type-C cable. The rechargeable battery provides over 120 minutes of continuous operation, allowing you to unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere. Please ensure a full charge before use and avoid operating the airbrush while charging to preserve its longevity.

- **Easy to Clean:** The set includes two paint cups with varying capacities (10ml, 30ml) and a unique funnel shape for effective paint flow and effortless cleaning.

- **Portable Design:** Compact and cordless, our airbrush kit with compressor is designed for on-the-go creativity. Experience the freedom to express yourself effortlessly, wherever inspiration strikes.

Bring your artistic vision to life with the convenience and precision of our Airbrush Nail Kit – a must-have for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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